About us

Healthy, sustainable and fair food for everyone…
We all have a relationship with food and most of us have something to say about it too. Our daily decisions about what we buy, cook and eat affect our health and our environment. All too often we feel powerless in the face of decisions that are made on our behalf. But food is one area in which we as individuals and as part of a community have the power to influence change.

About Us

Food Matters is a national food policy and advocacy charity. We encourage and support change towards sustainable, fair food systems. We all have our parts to play in taking action to create change within our food system, from communities, third-sector organisations and business through to local and national government. To support this change, Food Matters has developed an innovative, participatory, whole-food-systems approach to establishing healthy, sustainable, fair food as the norm.

Where we began…

Food Matters came into existence in 2003 when the founding Directors, Clare Devereux and Victoria Williams, recognised a need to help local areas understand how to translate national and European food policy into meaningful strategies and actions to make their local food systems fairer, more sustainable, more joined-up and relevant to their circumstances.

Food Matters’ pioneering work to develop the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and the ground-breaking Spade to Spoon Food Strategy and Action Plan helped develop the principles by which Food Matters works. They underpin our projects, research and evaluation work, and form the foundation of the nationally significant Sustainable Food Cities programme.

Our Staff

Victoria Williams – Director
Ben Messer – Community Engagement & Participation Lead
Louise Griffin – Project Administrator
Helen Sandwell – Nutritionist
Sarah Davies – Sustainable Food Cities Development Lead
Jocelyn Read – Cookery Trainer

Our Board of Directors

Colin Havard (Independent Community Development Consultant): Project management, staff management, financial and funding expertise, organisational issues.

Tim Marsh (Independent Public Health Policy consultant): Obesity, Food Poverty and Agricultural policy impact on Public Health.

Kath Dalmeny (Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming): Understanding of sustainability issues, environment and food policy.  Project management, media and communications expertise.

Charlie Powell (Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens): Campaigning development and strategy expertise, knowledge about food policy, and animal welfare and humane and sustainable agriculture.

Lindy Sharpe (Writer and Researcher): Expertise in the policy and governance of the food supply, sustainability (especially the social dimensions of sustainability), the food industry.