Success (despite the challenges) at Wandsworth Prison

It’s been almost a year since we last blogged about the Food Matters Inside & Out Project. And what a busy year it’s been for us in prisons. We used our Ministry of Justice funding to run the project at HMP Wandsworth over 2017 and we’ve now moved on to HMP High Down.

The two prisons are very different, as most prisons are – Wandsworth is an enormous looming Victorian prison with the same cells in use as when Oscar Wilde was an inmate – only nowadays each cell houses two men instead of one. High Down is a modern prison with open air walkways (great for a daily dose of vitamin D) and has grounds that are used for growing some of the vegetables for the kitchen. Continue reading “Success (despite the challenges) at Wandsworth Prison”

Where do you want to be in 10 years time? 

The world seems to lurch from one huge, unexpected political upheaval to another on an almost daily basis.  So looking forward to where you want to be even a month from now seems difficult – and 10 years ahead, nigh on impossible.  Yet if you want to think strategically and put in place a plan for change you need to work out where you want to get – a vision for the future, and hopefully a better one.  This is as true for us personally as it is for communities. Continue reading “Where do you want to be in 10 years time? “

Food Matters Inside & Out – at Wandsworth Reform Prison

logofinal colour smallUnder the Food and Reform programme Food Matters has been awarded funding by the Ministry of Justice to pilot the Food Matters Inside & Out project at Wandsworth Reform Prison. The project will be evaluated by the University of Surrey. And partnership organisations within Wandsworth Reform Prison include the St Giles Trust and RAPt.

Providing three balanced meals on £2.02 per person per day is challenging, especially when considering the many idiosyncrasies of the prison regime, together with the diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the individuals detained within UK prisons. Continue reading “Food Matters Inside & Out – at Wandsworth Reform Prison”