Food Matters has a strong participatory ethos based on wide experience and expertise in the use of participatory approaches to community development. We focus specifically on facilitating research, evaluation, action planning and community mobilisation using Participatory Appraisal (PA) in a range of different circumstances and with diverse groups and organisations. We offer consultancy services and training opportunities based on this experience helping users improve their community development practice through better participation and community engagement.

Our ethos is based on an acknowledgement that lasting and meaningful change is more likely when the people who will be affected by a change participate in deciding what the change should be. This need for a strong sense of ownership is as true of organisations as it is of whole communities. By listening to each other, sharing different perspectives and working together groups of people can make more appropriate and meaningful decisions.

Our participatory principles extend beyond simply working for organisations and communities – we also aim to embed the skills and confidence to carry out participatory research and strategic planning within the communities and groups we engage with.

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“…Ben is a fantastic facilitator. A particular strength is his ability to get everyone (confident and less confident) participating equally.”
– Vic Borrill, Director Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

Contact Ben@foodmatters.org for more information.