Food Matters has a strong background in action-based research. Evidence-based research underpins all Food Matters’ work. The breadth of experience and knowledge means Food Matters is versatile and able to undertake a wide range of research topics with a food policy lens. Through our innovative, participatory, whole food systems approach we look how a particular issue, say breakfast club provision or subsidised vouchers for fruit and veg will effect and be effected by the wider economic, social and health agendas and how actions can be integrated to support a move towards creating more sustainable fair food policy.

All of the research work undertaken by Food Matters combines desk-based research with participatory action research. This means we always seek to understand and represent the views of the potential client / stakeholder / project participant.

“The best decision I ever took for Alexandra Rose Charities was to ask Food Matters to do a feasibility study for our Rose Vouchers project.”
– Mike Morris, Chair, Alexandra Rose Charities

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