If we want communities and individuals to embrace change, whether that’s choosing a healthier diet or throwing away less food, and we want those changes to be lasting and meaningful we need to ensure those who will be affected have the skills and capacity to participate and to make those changes.

Food Matters offers support to individuals, groups, organisations and communities building capacity through training and skills development. Whilst this work is primarily focused on the food and health sectors Food Matters also provides training and consultancy to groups and organisations in other sectors and around issues such as climate change, development planning, waste strategy and community development.

Participatory Skills Training

Participatory Appraisal (PA) is a development approach aimed at facilitating and encouraging participation and the active involvement of people in discussion, decision making and action planning. It particularly focuses on those who often get ignored or feel they don’t have a voice that is heard.

Through participatory skills training we are able to embed skills in individuals and groups, building their capacity to adopt participatory approaches themselves.

Food and Cookery Training

Through our outreach training programmes Food Matters is able to support individuals and communities to access healthy affordable diets through increasing their skills and confidence. We focus on individual participants, assessing their needs and introducing interventions that lead to positive, long lasting behaviour change around food shopping and budgeting, cooking and eating – using the resources they have.

  • Kitchen Kickstart – cookery workshops with young, vulnerable 16-25 year olds, including young Mother and baby units and care leavers
  • Food and Reform – food and nutrition programmes with inmates and staff in prisons
“The sessions were a great opportunity to cook and spend time together, father and son, and get some new recipe ideas”
“Couldn’t have done it without you. You have helped me find the courage I needed”
– Cookery course participants

Case Studies:

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