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Local to Brighton and Hove food organisations

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership – a hub for information, inspiration and connection around food delivering a range of community projects

Arun Wellbeing – support and services to encourage healthier lifestyles for locals in West Sussex

Real Junk Food Project – a national and international movement of cafes, projects and pop-ups – intercepting food waste to feed people who need it

The Gleaning Network – coordinates volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities to salvage tonnes of fresh fruit and veg. being wasted on farms

Sugar Smart City Sugar Swaps leaflet

SheepShare & PigShare – South Downs grazing sheep and local pigs made available to buy as meat locally and sustainably

Brighton and Hove organic Gardening Group

FoodShed – Local, organic food Co-op based in the Open Market

Regional and National organisations & Food Systems

Sustainable Food Cities – a cross-sector partnership of local public agencies, businesses, academics and NGOs committed to working together to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of where they live.

Sustain – the alliance for better food and farming, policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals

Soil Association – championing organic principles and practice to secure the health and vitality of people, farm animals and nature. Soil Association are also the UK’s leading organic certification body

Nourish – an NGO campaigning on food justice issues in Scotland

Portsmouth Food Partnership

Lambeth Food Partnership

The Food Foundation – A food system which supports the health and well-being of the UK public, including developing food policies

Food Cardiff

Bristol Food Policy CouncilWho Feeds Bristol? Report: 2011

Food Poverty

Alexandra Rose Charity – co-deliverers of the Rose Vouchers for Fruit and Veg. Project with Food Matters
Feeding Britain – aim to reduce the nation’s vulnerability to hunger by highlighting issues in reports and lobbying for reforms at a national level. Recent reports include Feeding Britain: Six Months On: 2015 and Hungry Holidays: 2017
The Healthy Start Alliance – Advocates for the Healthy Start food welfare scheme for low-income pregnant women, families with young children and pregnant teenagers
Food Power – End Hunger UK campaign to urge politicians and government to take the issue of hunger in the UK seriously

Community Food


Food Research Collaboration – brings together academics and Civil Society Organisations to produce, share and use the evidence based knowledge needed to influence and improve UK food policy
Food Climate Research Network – conducts and communicates research at the intersection of food, climate, and broader sustainability issues
The Food Foundation – A food system which supports the health and well-being of the UK public, including developing food policies

Children’s Food

School Food Matters – campaigns for fresh sustainable food in schools
and promotes food education through cooking, growing and visits to farms
School Food Plan – an agreed plan that has the support of the Secretary of State for Education and of the diverse organisations who are supporting head teachers to improve food in their schools.
Children’s Food Trust – offers support, training and advice to anyone responsible for providing food to children including the Let’s Get Cooking club
Health Education Trust – provide advice and address health issues, in particular in relation to food and fitness in schools – working in early years schools to Universities
Children’s Food Campaign – Championing children’s rights, parent power and government action to improve the food environment children grow up in