Pupil Voice: Case Study

Pupil Voice programme is a model approach for independent appraisal of school meals providing useful information for school meals providers to assess service provision and possible service improvement. School meals providers are interested in exploring ways to incorporate the pupil voice into the process of improving the service they provide. The impetus for this is the importance of getting the service right for infant school children receiving free school meals under the UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals) programme and thereby establishing wider acceptance and increasing uptake of school meals into children’s later school careers – in particular the transition between Infant and Junior School.

It is also important for schools to develop approaches for engaging with and incorporating the perspective of pupils into decisions around food in schools generally. This is an important criterion for the Soil Association’s Food for Life Partnership School Awards scheme as well as for the Catering Mark standards for school meals providers.

“Food Matters’ innovative approach to community engagement is unique. Their pupil voice workshops are a joy to behold and their techniques for extracting useful information out of very small school children are inspirational!”
– Stephanie Wood, Founder/Director School Food Matters

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