Food Campaigns

Food Matters recognises and acknowledges the need for community development organisations to take a stand on issues associated with food access, food poverty and a focus on the most vulnerable in society.  Through our work on these important issues in different communities around the UK Food Matters has developed an authoritative voice on the issues adopting a meaningful, influential and increasingly radical position both raising awareness of the issues as well as addressing the consequences.  We acknowledge the importance of a focus on issues where we have specific expertise, credibility and knowledge and to campaign by example through our work.

Where appropriate Food Matters engages in debate and endeavours to make clear and firm statements on specific issues as well as collaborating and partnering other campaign-oriented organisations and movements where relevant.

Food campaigning work themes include:

  • Research reports including:

‘Take-aways Toolkit’ for Local Authorities addressing proliferation of fast food takeaway outlets

  • Breakfast club provision in London and Holiday hunger

School Food Matters – improving school meals in Richmond campaign

  • Collaboration with other campaign groups

Sustainable Fish Cities – fish campaign

Beyond the Food Bank

End Hunger UK

Food Poverty Alliance

Food Power

Veg Cities

  • Influencing food policy

PAN 06 – Planning Advisory Note: the establishment of the UK’s first planning policy on food growing in new developments

    Case Studies