Food Poverty

Food Matters is actively involved in a number of initiatives focused on understanding and addressing food poverty, also sometimes called household food insecurity. We recognise that whilst food poverty is not a new issue it has increasingly been prioritised in recent debate around food systems, food strategies and action plans in communities around the country. Its causes and impacts are acknowledged and are becoming better understood yet effective strategies and approaches that attempt to address the issues too often focus on short-term responses to immediate hunger and not the underlying chronic dimension of food poverty.

Food Matters has worked in different communities where food poverty is high on the agenda and where steps are being taken to address its underlying issues and long term consequences. Based on this experience Food Matters offers support to groups, organisations, partnerships and communities through awareness training, participatory research and support with strategic action planning. Food Matters is also directly involved in the development and management of the Rose Vouchers for Fruit and Veg. scheme – a fruit and vegetable voucher scheme aimed at improving access to affordable fresh food for particularly vulnerable families most affected by poverty.

Food Poverty work themes include:

  • Participatory consultation and training
  • Addressing food access

Ongoing Projects

Case Study