Brighton and Hove Food Partnership: Case Study

Spade to SpoonThe Brighton and Hove Food Partnership is very close to the heart of Food Matters. The first piece of work undertaken by the then fledgling Food Matters was the Foodshed project which mapped the local food system in Brighton and Hove. Its findings resulted in a conference that brought together a diverse and very active community of food projects, community groups, food businesses, individuals and statutory agencies. Together they explored how to develop a partnership approach to sustainable food policy and action. This saw the beginnings of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, and a comprehensive strategy and action plan followed. The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership has grown in breadth, experience and expertise, and is now one of the leading city partnerships, bringing integrated sustainable food policy and delivery.

“Food Matters have been the architects behind much of the success in Brighton & Hove on delivering a more sustainable, accessible fair and healthy food system. Their early research, engagement, and policy making provided the essential groundwork on which the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and Food Strategy were built. They continue to move easily between community and corporate stakeholders and are a critical friend and ally to the city council in establishing one of the leading cities in the UK for food work.”
– Francesca Iliffe, Brighton and Hove City Council

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