Providing cookery classes for those on a low income, Budget Bites helped people with budgeting, meal planning and diet, and recognised the impact of a tight food budget on a person’s health and confidence.

Food is one of the only flexible elements of a squeezed budget for people living on low incomes. Managing on a low income is difficult and often people’s health suffers as a consequence.

Food Matters worked with young people and adults living on low incomes who were struggling to live healthy lives. We helped them to feel confident about cooking with healthy, affordable, non-processed foods.

Budget Bites involved running fun and engaging cookery sessions with a focus on preparing and cooking healthy, affordable meals. It was important that the ingredients used could be purchased at the local corner shops and convenience stores as travelling to supermarkets is an added cost that some people can’t afford.

During these interactive and participatory sessions participants learnt:

  • the basics of a balanced diet
  • meal planning
  • adapting recipes
  • budgeting and shopping
  • storage and food labels
  • the benefits of eating together socially

Feeling alone and like you are the only person experiencing a difficult situation can be debilitating and isolating. This project brought people together in a social environment to learn new skills and take more control of their lives.

Understanding the importance of making better food choices and having the ability and confidence to do so is fundamental to better health and wellbeing. We learnt the importance of empowering people to take control over their health.

I’m getting a lot out of it, learning a lot about budgeting and cooking. My favourite thing we’ve learned so far is how to dissect a chicken, that was really useful and money saving.

~ Course participant

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