By providing them with the tools to engage their parents and school community, we help school children have more influence over their food choices.

In 2018/19 in England, nearly 13% of 4 to 5-year olds in the most deprived areas were classified as obese compared with 6.4% of children living in the least deprived areas ~ National Audit Office

We developed a pilot project with two primary schools in Brighton and Hove to support children, parents and the school community to work together to make better food choices. The focus was on addressing health inequalities at an individual and neighbourhood level.

Using participatory activities and tools, Food Matters supported pupils to engage with their parents, teachers, and governors about food – from food advertising and how it affects them to who controls the food they eat. The aim was to empower young people to take control of their own food choices.

We learnt about the incredible tenacity and ability of school children. It was impressive to see year 6 children take the tools and knowledge and create whole-school action plans to improve food for all. This will create a legacy for subsequent school years.
Food Talks | Building Skills, Knowledge and Confidence

“Me and my mum eat our 5 A Day, it was hard in the beginning but now we just do it every day”

~ Food Talks Participant

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