Rose Vouchers for fruit and veg allows eligible families to purchase fruit and veg at their local market and greengrocers.  Food Matters designed and delivered a feasibility study and pilot schemes that tested the impact of free vouchers for people on a low income to purchase fruit and vegetables.

Everyone should have access to healthy and affordable food, yet 8.4 million people in the UK live in food poverty. This means they don’t have access to or can’t afford food for a healthy diet.

We ran a feasibility study to see if Rose Vouchers for Fruit and Veg (based on a model which helps those who are struggling with their health due to low income) would benefit families with young children in London.  We also wanted to test if this approach benefited local food retailers too.

We spoke to voucher recipients as well as local food businesses, support agencies, and public health teams.  We also spoke to academics, campaign organisations, researchers and third-sector organisations specialising in health inequalities.

We then delivered and evaluated pilot schemes with eligible families and local businesses to find out the possible benefits and impact.

The recommendations put forward by Food Matters’ following our research and evaluation led to a successful health intervention programme. The voucher scheme is a great success today and continues to grow.  The scheme now benefits families outside of London too.

The approach we took reinforced why it’s important to involve the people you want to help from the beginning.  And given the right support, for example money, education and the opportunity to change, then people will and can.

Rose Voucher | Consultation, Evaluation & Facilitation

“The best decision I ever took for Alexandra Rose Charity was to ask Food Matters to do a feasibility study for our Rose Vouchers project. The best part was their insistence on asking the potential beneficiaries what would work best for them. Result – a project which really works.”

Mike Morris, Chair, Alexandra Rose Charity

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