Food Matters evaluated the School Meals Improvement Campaign led by School Food Matters. The evaluation assessed the success of the campaign in improving the nutritional content of meals for school children.

In the 1980s an Act was introduced which cut minimum nutrition requirements for school meals and minimum national standards were not introduced again until 2001.

Between 2007 and 2011 School Food Matters’ School Meals Improvement Campaign aimed to improve the quality and nutritional content of school meals in the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames.

Food Matters used a mix of different methods to evaluate the campaign which involved research and data analysis, running facilitated participatory workshops with the kids and talking to a vast array of stakeholders.  We focused the evaluation on the effectiveness of the campaign by considering:

  • food quality and presentation
  • lunch menus and their communication
  • the dining room environment and lunch-time experience
  • the timing and organisation of the lunch break
  • the kitchens and staff

It was important for us to research both the campaign and the school food landscape existing at the time the campaign was running.  The School Food Matters campaign provides an excellent model for similar campaigns elsewhere.  To replicate this campaign’s achievements elsewhere there were four key recommendations:

  • Provide an independent voice
  • Represent the school community
  • Be Flexible and evolve
  • Get the timing right
School Food Matters Evaluation | Consultation, Evaluation & Facilitation

“Food Matters’ innovative approach to community engagement is unique”

Stephanie Slater, Founder/Director School Food Matters

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