Food Matters led the development of the UK’s first citywide food strategy in Brighton and Hove and now supports towns, cities and counties to do the same.

In order to feed ourselves and our families, we rely on a system that is made of complex, interconnected relationships.  This means our food system is vulnerable.

Local food strategies bring together action on cooking, growing, education, waste, health interventions, procurement and retail. They give Food Partnerships and Local Authorities a common goal with achievable and aspirational actions to help residents gain access to healthy, sustainable, affordable food.

We helped facilitate the first citywide food strategy for Brighton and Hove, and now develop local food strategies across the UK using our unique holistic, participatory approach.    This involve bringing together hundreds of stakeholders and inspiring wider public engagement.

To ensure a food strategy works, it needs to bring together a variety of stakeholders, and be embedded into existing policy. We found that when you fully involve the people that will deliver the strategy, you create a sense of ownership and empowerment. 

We have shared what we learnt in a toolkit as part of the Sustainable Food Places programme.

“Food Matters continue to move easily between community and corporate stakeholders and are a critical friend and ally to the city council in establishing one of the leading cities in the UK for food work.”

Francesca Iliffe, former Sustainability Manager at Brighton and Hove City Council

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Get in touch with the Food Matters team to find out more about what we do or get involved. We also want to hear from you if you would like to collaborate with us on a future project.